A Patriotic Tribute Celebrating 40 Years of the Falmouth Fireworks

We are excited to announce the release of A Patriotic Tribute chronicling the past 40 years of the Falmouth Fireworks and the 30 years of t-shirts that have featured the art of Karen Rinaldo.

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PO Box 500 FALMOUTH, MA 02541-500

The year 2020 will long be remembered for its unprecedented challenges and for how we as Falmouth citizens came together during this time. We look forward to the day when we will once again welcome everyone back to the fireworks at Falmouth Heights – a day on which we will celebrate not only the Fourth of July, but the spirt of Falmouth and the resilience of our community.

On April 27, 2020 the Falmouth Select Board voted unanimously to cancel the majority of the special events in Falmouth through August 31st due to the novel coronavirus. This included the Fourth of July fireworks usually held at Falmouth Heights. Although members of the Fireworks Committee are saddened to hear of this decision, each member grasps what is needed to ensure the safety of all our participants, volunteers, and the many local and visiting families who attend this event.

Falmouth Fireworks 2020 was to have been the 40th anniversary of our wonderful Fourth of July celebration – which thoughout its history has been funded for the most part by generous public and private donations. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we now see a number of our local families and businesses struggling to survive financially. We feel this is our chance to return the goodwill we have been so fortunate to receive over the years. Accordingly, the Fireworks Committee voted to divert $1000 from our funds to Falmouth Cares to assist in its response to our community’s needs during this pandemic. As we begin to see the gradual reopening of our local small businesses over the coming weeks and months we encourage you to show your support by shopping locally.