Falmouth Fireworks T-Shirts will be available Saturday June 29th And Sunday June 30th At The Following Locations

  • STOP AND SHOP Sat. and Sun. 9am to 5
  • WINDFALL MARKET Sat. and Sun. 9am to 5
  • WALMART Sat. and Sun. 9am to 5
  • KENYONS MARKET Saturday 8am to 2pm

2019 Falmouth Fireworks T-Shirt

Based on George M. Cohan’s World War I patriotic march:

“You’re a Grand Old Flag”

On the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI in 1919, we celebrate REMEMBRANCE

The poppy became the symbol of Remembrance with the poem “In Flanders Field” when the author, a war-time surgeon, looked over a former battlefield in France to see that now poppies bloomed where the war had raged.

A solder salutes under the guiding light of Nobska Lighthouse with a bed of poppies at the base. With fireworks bursting overhead, we celebrate an emotional tribute to the day and “the Grand Old Flag.”

Shirt design by Falmouth artist Karen Rinaldo.

2019 Traffic Information

Traffic Restrictions/Road Closures

As in years past, traffic will be restricted from entering the Falmouth Heights area at 6 pm. The restriction will stay in effect until the spectators have safely left the area.

Road Closures Map

Parking Restrictions

A temporary parking ban, including a “tow away zone”, will be implemented on July 4th starting at 4 pm and will stay in effect until the spectators safely leave the area:

Grand Avenue (South), between Walden Avenue and Central Park Court, including all metered parking spaces.

Worcester Court, between Jericho Path and Grand Avenue (South), including the grass median.


Please refer to our Parking page for more information.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available at Bristol Beach and Surf Beach parking lots.

Traffic Exit Plan

In an attempt to alleviate traffic congestion as a result of the heavy volume created by the annual Falmouth Fireworks Display, the Falmouth Police Department has devised a traffic plan for vehicles exiting the Falmouth Heights area. Police officers, along with electronic message boards will guide motorists out of the Falmouth Heights area. Please refer to our Traffic Route Map. All motorists are advised to plan their route in advance.

Alcohol Prohibited

The Falmouth Fireworks Display is a non-alcoholic event, and all laws governing the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be enforced.

Public Consumption of Marijuana Prohibited

The public consumption of marijuana is prohibited in the Town of Falmouth, including at the Falmouth Fireworks Display. All laws governing the public consumption of marijuana will be enforced.

Subject to Search

In the interest of public safety, all containers (bags, coolers, etc.) will be subject to random search. It is strongly recommended that attendees do not bring a cooler.

More Information

For detailed Falmouth Fireworks Display information, please contact the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce at 508-548-8500 for more details.